Gestión Unificada

OriginStack™ provides a web user interface, that allows a unified access to the platform resources from a single entry point, It also allows a high to define access policies with great detail, in addition to that it also supports delegating authentication to existing systems via LDAP or Kerberos.

Administration and Management Portal

  • Hierarchical View of resources.
  • Tags and Bookmarks
  • Search Engine for oVirt Objects.
  • Events and task monitoring.
  • Usage and Performance reports.

Identity Management

  • Centralized User Management.
  • User Management Interface.

Cloud Portal

  • Allows to provision cloud resources.
  • Allows the management of virtual networks (networks, floating ip's, balancers)
  • User and Proyect Quota Management.
  • Disk Images and Template Management.

User Portal

  • Allows the users to access their Virtual Machines.
  • VNC and SPICE remote access
  • Support diverse compression algorithms for remote access.
  • Create Virtual Machines from templates.