Combining different virtualization philosophies

OriginStack™ enables the use and integration of two virtualization philosophies (Traditional virtualization and Elastic Cloud Virtualization)

Enables to create virtual instances with a high degree of configuration and precise attribute definition (memory ballooning, etc.). OriginStack also allows these virtualized instances to be deployed in high availability (HA) and specify priorities on restoring order in case of failure. It also allows establishing affinity policies on VMs. This type of virtualization is vertical scaling (Scale UP), making larger VMs (RAM, CPU).

Enables to create instances based on flavors in an agile and elastic way. This type of virtualization is horizontal scaling (Scale OUT), so OriginStack enables generating and setting the number of instances automatically.

OriginStack offers the ability to virtualize under these two philosophies, also generated OriginStack VMs can share the same network resources (view video), storage and disk images so it is possible to deploy solutions combining these two virtualization philosophies in which a part of the infrastructure is in a more traditional philosophy (databases, name servers, etc.) and the other in philosophy Cloud (Front, etc).