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We are an Engineering study devoted to Analyze, Develop, Deploy and Integrate platforms and architectures related to Cloud Computing based on Open Source solutions.

Who we are

We are a startup, whose objective is to provide technological solutions using on an agile and efficient way, in the cloud computing area, mainly on the platform and infrastructure layers. In order to achieve this objective, we group a small but experienced professional with a large experience using leading OpenSource projects and solutions used to generate and automate Cloud Platforms.

The experience applying this kind of solutions for multiple sectors (Management of energy efficiency infrastructure, medical research, loyalty systems, payments, etc.), added to the fact that the team is in continous training and investigation, and following the OpenSource communities and trends, we can give an agile and personalized attention to our clients, creating a relation of trust based on efficiency and excellency

Some OpenSource projects we use

Our Services

We can help you on an agile and efficient way


Our expertise allows us to identify and analyze the requirements and needs of our clients, with the objective of proposing the solution that best suits the client.

Personalization and customization

As a result of the knowledge of the main OpenSource projects on the generation of Cloud platforms and solutions, we can personalize, customize and extend the features of the Solutions, in order to fit the requirerments of the client.


Besides the OpenSource area, we have expertise on the main industry standard and protocols in order to integrate existing or complementary solutions between themselves or with third party systems.

Support and Training

We monitor, evolve and manage our systems and services on various models, assuring their availability and correct operation. We also offer training of business and professionals on the development and maintenance of this technology solutions.

Our Products

  • OriginStack™ is a Virtualization and private cloud generation Appliance developed by Nimbus Concept that enables the generation and management of virtual resources (Compute, Storage and Network mainly), under different operating philosophies in a unified way. Is based on established Opensource projects as OpenStack and oVirt.

    Nimbus Concept has provided the knowledge and expertise to integrate and customize all components (OpenStack, oVirt, GlusterFS, FreeIPA, etc) that manage the physical servers and expose them as virtualized consumable resources.

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    Unified Management
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    Two Operating Philosophies
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OriginStack™ is a registered trademark of Nimbus Concept SL and Telecomputer Sistemas SL.

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